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What is tourmaline?

Tourmaline is not a single mineral, but a group of minerals with a similar crystal structure. Different tourmalines contain different elements. Tourmaline is found in many different colors. Tourmaline is often confused with other types of gemstones.

What is so special about far infrared energy?

Far infrared energy can stimulate cells and tissues to recover and heal more rapidly. Far infrared has been used in saunas for healing for thousands of years. It is considered a promising treatment modality for healing.

What are the health benefits of tourmaline?

Tourmaline is a therapeutic mineral that enhances the flow of chi energy and reduces oxidative stress, to maintain health and wellness. Tourmaline also increases blood flow, blood oxygen concentration and can even help to generate new blood vessels.

Can I shower with Miracle Tape on body?

Yes. You can shower with the Miracle Tape and it wont come off.

Are there any side effects from using the Miracle Tape

Absolutely not. Nothing foreign physically enters the body. The benefits from tourmaline inside the miracle tape are from the different therapeutic energies that the tiny crystals produce.

Who uses the Miracle Tape?

Every day millions of Americans experience some type of pain on different part of the body. The Miracle tpae is used by any adult who are looking to get pain relief. Every day Americans and even athleetes enjoy using the miracle tape.

What are the health benefits of the Miracle Tape?

The Miracle Tape’s active ingredient is tourmaline. Tourmaline is a therapeutic mineral that enhances health and wellbeing. Tourmaline generates 3 therapeutic energies, which collectively reduce oxidative stress, increase blood flow, reduce inflammation and accelerate healing.

What is tourmaline made of?

Each variety of tourmaline has its own chemical formula. The elements found in tourmalines can include: aluminum, boron, silicon, chromium, oxygen, hydrogen, potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, iron and lithium. Tourmalines have some of the most complex chemical formulas of all minerals.

Since aluminum can be toxic, should I be concerned about the aluminum in tourmaline?

Absolutely not, since the aluminum stays in the tourmaline and never enters the human body.

Is tourmaline a crystal?

Yes, all tourmaline minerals have a crystal structure. Those crystals can be long and slender, thick prisms or column like crystals.

What types of rocks contain tourmaline?

Tourmaline is found in igneous rock from volcanic lava, metamorphic rock that change over time with pressure and in sedimentary rock, which usually forms in lake beds when sediment settles and is compressed.

Where is tourmaline geographically found?

Tourmaline is found on all 7 continents. In the United States, California and Maine have the major tourmaline mines. Brazil is also a major producer of tourmaline.

Where does the tourmaline in the Miracle Tape come from?

Brazil, since the quality of that tourmaline is excellent.

What are the three therapeutic energies of tourmaline?

Far infrared energy, negative ions and a therapeutic energy field.

What is the therapeutic energy field?

It is called the Schumann Resonance Field, which is the same therapeutic energy field given off by the earth.

Where can you put the Miracle Tape?

Anywhere on your skin where there is an area of need. Be careful if you put it over hair, since the adhesive can pull out the hair when the tape is removed. There is a taping guide enclosed with every roll of Miracle Tape. The taping guide can also be read on our website, downloaded or printed out. Our website is www.TheMiracleTape.com There are also short videos on the website, demonstrating all of the basic taping procedures.

Are there any adverse side effects to the Miracle Tape?

The tourmaline in the Miracle Tape encourages the body to get rid of toxins, which is a good thing. If you are extremely toxic, as your body is detoxifying, you may temporarily develop a rash, nausea or dizziness. If this happens, you know that the tape is working to help clean up your body.

The best approach at that point is to use less tape until your body gets rid of enough toxins not to have that happen any longer. In some extreme cases, you should take a day or two off before using the Miracle Tape again.

Also, some people are allergic to acrylic adhesive. If you are allergic to allergic or to other tapes or bandages with acrylic adhesive, you may want to consider not using the Miracle Tape, but still obtain the benefits of tourmaline. Why not consider one of our other tourmaline infused products that don’t have acrylic adhesive? This link will bring you to those items.

Can you shower, bathe or swim with the Miracle Tape on you?

Yes, the Miracle Tape is water resistant but not waterproof. When it gets wet, simply pat dry the taped areas with a towel and the tape will then fully dry on its own. The Miracle Tape will also get wet when you sweat. The sweat can pass right through the Miracle Tape.

How long can you leave the Miracle Tape on for?

You can leave it on for up to 3 full days or 72 hours.

How should you remove the Miracle Tape?

The best way to remove the Miracle Tape is in the shower with soap and warm water. Please make sure that the water isn’t so hot that it burns you.

Can the Miracle Tape be used over again?

No, it is a one time use product because of the adhesive loses its stickiness. The tourmaline that is in the tape never loses its effectiveness.

Is the Miracle Tape Latex free?


Does the Miracle Tape come with a guide on how to use it?

Yes in several places – it is in the How to Use tab on this website to view or download. A copy also comes in the package with each order.

Why does it feel like the Miracle Tape is producing heat?

The tourmaline particles in the tape absorbs body heat and then transforms that heat energy into far infrared energy. That therapeutic energy is then transmitted back into the body.

Why does it feel like the Miracle Tape is tingling?

Some people who are sensitive will feel tingling soon after putting on the Miracle Tape. That tingling is the generation of negative ions. That sensation usually disappears within less than a few minutes.

Does the Miracle Tape give off radiation?

Not all radiation is harmful, in fact some types such as infrared light can actually be beneficial. The Miracle Tape gives of infrared light, which is a therapeutic form of radiation. The Miracle Tape is very safe and causes no harm or damage such as X Rays or Gamma Rays would.

What is so special about far infrared energy?

Far infrared energy can stimulate cells and tissues to recover and heal more rapidly. Far infrared has been used in saunas for healing for thousands of years.

Is the tourmaline particle size important?

Yes! A gram of tourmaline particles produce more far infrared energy as the particle size decreases. Tourmaline works best with nanometer sized particles, which are the smallest particles that can be manufactured today and the size used in the Miracle Tape.

Can you get a positive drug test from using the Miracle Tape?

Absolutely not. No foreign chemicals enter the body. The benefits from tourmaline are from the three therapeutic energies.

Are there other products out there like the Miracle Tape?

No, the developers of the Miracle Tape have a patent pending on this unique technology. The only similar products are they ones that they sell. Here are more products that contain tourmaline from the makers of the Miracle Tap. (link to products)

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