The soothing Miracle Tape is an all-natural healing tape infused with the coveted, therapeutic crystal tourmaline. Used for decades in Eastern medicine, this crystal, infused into the tape's fabrics, helps with pain and inflammation (joint, muscle, back), headaches & sinus, and also lowers oxidative stress among many things.




The Miracle Tape


The Miracle Tape can be worn for a maximum of three days. It is also fine to shower, bathe or swim with the tape on. The tape will get wet, since it is designed to “breathe” and not to trap water. When wet, simply pat the taped area with a towel and it will then fully dry on its own.

If you wear The Miracle Tape when exercising, the tape will release sweat. The Miracle Tape is designed to stay in place and to also peel off easily. We recommend removing the tape in the shower with soap and warm water.

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The Miracle Tape

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